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Nearly ten years ago, we had a meeting with a bride-to-be. She became emotional while taking about her sister’s wedding a few years earlier. 

“The photographer was constantly telling everyone to stop and pose, where to stand, even how to feel. We just wanted to enjoy the day and be ourselves. It got to the point where my mom would leave every time the photographer walked in the room. It was disappointing because they were interested in their style, but they weren’t interested in our family.”

To us, wedding photography is more than a portfolio. Aside from your spouse-to-be, your photographer will be with you more than any other person on your wedding day. Crazy, huh? Of all of the awards, accolades and credentials that we have achieved over the past decade of shooting weddings, we take the most pride in being the easiest photographers that you can possibly work with. 

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Michele & Rich  |  Heinz Field


Barbara & Ben  |  Heinz Hall


Joyce & Phil  |  Peek N’ Peak Resort


Allison & Nick  |  The LeMont


Kirit & Brijinder  |  Sheraton Station Square


Amanda & Jarrett  |  The Pennsylvanian